Intake Policy

There is $50 fee for all incoming dogs and cats, and a $20 fee for all small animals coming into Animal Rescue Rhode Island. All incoming animals must be current with their rabies vaccination.

*Please note: Fees are subject to change based on anticipated veterinary costs per animal.

Making an Appointment

An appointment is required to surrender any pet, with “drop-off” appointments made primarily between the hours of 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM though other accommodations may be made if agreed upon with our Shelter Manager.  Please call the shelter at 401-783-7606, Extension 104, to inquire about available appointments and to be sure we have space available for your pet.

Limited Admission

We are a shelter that can best be termed a “limited admission” shelter; meaning we do not euthanize animals in our care simply to make room for incoming animals or for space.  Therefore, there may be a waiting list at our shelter to take in an owned pet.  We do have a small number of foster homes that we are currently looking to develop, and as such, we will try to accommodate your needs as quickly as we can.

Small Animals

As space permits, we accept some small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits.