Humane Education

Humane Education

ARRI is dedicated to improving the treatment of animals and educating the community on responsible pet ownership. Varied programs that promote respect, responsibility and empathy are offered to both children and adults. With the new shelter now open, the opportunities to expand ARRI’s Humane Education program are enormous. To learn more about scheduling a program, please contact Emily Corace.

Here are some of ARRI’s current programs:

All About Animals, made possible by Critter Hut Aquarium & Pets, is a series of unique education programs that teach elementary school children the importance of respect, responsibility and empathy. Using interactive games, discussion, games and crafts, students learn what it means to be a caring, reliable pet owner and the importance of being a responsible steward of the planet.

Paws to Read, made possible by Elizabeth “Ibby” Freeman, is a wonderful program where children learn to read in the company of a furry friend. Carefully selected gentle animals are chosen to sit with children as they read to them. Research has shown that these activities help young students learn to read more confidently, more creatively and with more retention.Paws to Read Flyer

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